Loose vagina – Causes, consequences, and treatments

Many women suffer from the consequences of having a loose vagina as they go through childbirth and the process of aging. Aside from unsatisfactory sex, they also have to deal with some potential complications like urinary incontinence as well as dryness and the possibility of having a foul vaginal odor.

If you are one of the women who are getting desperate because of a loose vagina, cheer up because there are methods on how to tighten vaginal walls. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes, consequences, and available treatments for the said condition.

Loose Vagina


hgshgsaghsahgsaLike what was stated earlier, a vagina becomes loose once a woman gives birth, particularly one that have had given birth multiple times. The reason behind this is, during the delivery of a baby, the vaginal muscles and walls expand greatly. It tends to become relaxed in that state that is why it loses its firmness.

Some females also have the habit of inserting large objects into their vagina which can also loosen it up. Other factors include idle lifestyle, bad eating habits, and improper care for the vagina.


The consequences of having a loose vagina are not only on the physical aspect, but also on the mental aspect. With a slack pussy, the feeling of penetration is reduced, which results in unsatisfactory sex life for both partners. This, of course, is not healthy for any relationship and it may lead to a breakup.

There are also women who tend to avoid having sex because they are no longer confident about their sexual performance. This can increase the chances of dryness, infections, as well as bad vaginal odor.


gfsagfsahashgaNowadays, several options are already available to treat a loose vagina, which some women are unaware of. But just so you know, you can either go for a vaginal plastic surgery to gain instant results or settle for natural and non-surgical ways. Although the former can provide you with results right after the procedure, take note that it will also cost you a lot of money. Not all women have the luxury of money to spend on such surgeries that is why they prefer the methods that do not involve surgery.

If you want a more affordable way of tightening your vaginal walls, you can purchase products like V-tight Gel, which can also give you good results just as long as you use it on a regular basis.